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Words from our Founder, Pandit Dr. S. Ballesh

My dear music lovers and learners,

TANSEN ACADEMY, (TAAN) was founded with a great dream of teaching Hindustani classical music to all music aspirers.
The Voice is given by “God”, through proper method of practicing (by Riyaaz), we can change the voice culture in Gayaki Ang. We can bring the Boldness, Softness and Sweetness in our voice. You can feel the change in your voice by daily Riyaaz with tanpura.

My life is for Guru Seva and Because of Guru Seva Sangeet Saraswati Maa is with me, Without Guru's Ashirwad nothing is possible.. 

Best Wishes for your all great music journey! Jai Guru Dev!!.


Examinations are conducted for both Practical & Theory (Every Year)


  • Classical Vocal ,

  • Bhav Sangit upto senior Diploma, IVth Year ,

  • Sufi Sangit.

Sangeet Pravesh - The Foundation Course

All basic class sessions are taken for 6 months to 1 year


Sangeeth Pratham - Junior Diploma

  • First Year

  • Second Year 


Sangeeth Pratham - Senior Diploma

  • Third Year

  • Fourth Year 

Sangit Prabhakar

  • Fifth Year 

  • Sixth Year


Praveen Sangeetacharya

  • Seventh Year 

  • Eighth Year

Examinations Subjects :

Both Practical & Theory Examinations are conducted every Year

  • Hindustani Classical  - Vocal, Dhrupad Dhamar

  • Tantra Vadya - Vichitra Veena, Mohan Veena, Sitar, Sarod, Guitar and Santoor

  • Vitat Vadya - Sarangi, Israj, Dilruba and Bela (Violin)

  • Ghanvadya - Jaltarang, Naltarang

  • Sushir Vadya - Flute (Bansuri), Shehnai, Saxophone and Clarinet

  • Avandva Vadya - Tabla and Pakhawaj

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