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Our Academy Gurus

The Tansen Academy is honored to have soulful classical gurus, who are making an outstanding impression on the classical music world with the great blessings of legendary Hindustani musicians.


Padmashri, Kalaimamani, Pandit Dr. S. Ballesh, Founder, A "Patiala Gharana" Hindustani Classical Vocalist, teach only for Advanced level students and trains only for selected Bada Khayal disciples and Playback Singers.

Kalaimamani, Dr. Krishna Ballesh, Co-founder and Director, A Hindustani Classical Vocalist in Patiala Gharana and Rampur Shashwana Gharana style, Also adds a flavor of Gwalior Gharana, Kirana Gharana, and Banarasi Gharana and trains Voice Culture for Bada Khayal Students, Performing Artists, and Playback Singers


Yash Bharati, Ustad Nazim Hussain Bismillah Khan, Hindustani Classical Tabla Artiste for Advancing level classes

Pandit Kalburgi Dattatray,  Hindustani Classical Tabla Artiste for Advancing level classes

Surmani. Dr. Prakash Ballesh is a Hindustani music guru for Beginning and Foundation level

Surmani. Dr. Shivanand Ballesh is a Hindustani Music Teacher for Beginning and Foundation level

Vidwan. Suresh Raj is a professional Hindustani Classical Tabla Player and Leading Sound engineer

Shri. Ravi Kumar teaches Sitar and is also a film playback musician

Shri. Sasi Kumar teaches Bansuri (Hindustani Flute) and is also a film playback musician.


20 Courses at Taan are taught by a national group of full-time and part-time faculty from India, Europe, Malaysia, Singapore, London, Denmark, USA, and Australia, specializing in musical performance, music theory, and analysis, music history, musicology, and music technology. Faculty experience includes professional work in the music industry as well as academic expertise in teaching and researching music in higher education.

         The visiting professors and advisory group members of the academy include musicians, Pt Kodhanda Salunke, Ustad Rashid Khan, Pt Venkatesh Kumar, Percussionist Pandit Dattatray Kalburgi, voice trainer and composer Pandit S. Ballesh, and Clarinet player Pt Basavaraj. Surmani Dr. Krishna Ballesh, a leading Indian Shehnai and Hindustani Classical Vocalist of India, conducts Hindustani vocal classes, Dr. Prakash Ballesh and Dr. Shivanand Ballesh both are Harmonium and Hindustani vocal, gurus,  Sureshraj, a tabla artiste, Ravi Kumar, a Sitar artiste, are the backbones of the academy.

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